How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay: Topics, Structure, Examples

How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay
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May 5, 2022

Obviously, college life has never been easy. If you want to overcome all the challenges and get the most out of these years, you need a plan. It can help you to complete all the assignments, meet the deadlines, and stand out among your peers.

One of the options you have is to send a “write my essaymessage and outsource your task to writing professionals. It is a good solution to save some time, boost your grades and avoid monotonous work. But it doesn’t mean that you should order assignments all the time — when you’re assigned a cause and effect essay, you still need to know how to write a good essay. Even if you lack writing skills at the moment, you can fix the situation and expand your knowledge. Your first draft might be poor but the more pieces you write, the better your results will be.

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What is a Cause and Effect Essay and What’s the Key Purpose?

Whatever task you have, it is essential to start with a definition and other professor’s requirements: number of pages, format style, and so on. What cause and effect essay is?

It is a common academic paperwork where you should explore the causes of a particular event (or issues) along with its consequences. For writing this document, you need to research available sources, gather evidence, and analyze it to come up with your claims.

In real life, people deal with causes/reasons and effects/consequences all the time. Take a look:

  • Cause — the radioactive spider bit Peter Parker;
  • Effect — Peter Parker became Spiderman and gained powers to help people.

Of course, these two sentences are definitely not enough for writing a cause and effect essay. The point is that you should look for less obvious connections and present them in a clear and interesting manner, providing your own unique perspective.

Professors assign students with a cause and effect essay because these papers help to develop critical thinking and the ability to find cause-effect reasoning. Unlike many other essays, this essay relies on research and clear facts. An author is required to stick to formal style, neutral tone, and vocabulary.

Cause and Effect Essay Outline — Your Roadmap to Success

A cause and effect essay outline is an essential step that you can’t avoid. In fact, an outline is your map that protects you from getting lost. Some of its parts are pretty obvious, e.g. you need the introduction and conclusion regardless of the essays’ type. However, your body’s structure will vary from paper to paper. It depends on a specific professor’s requirements, your own preferences, your knowledge about it, etc. Take a look at these schemes that you can use:

Option 1

  • First Cause
  • Second Cause
  • First Effect
  • Second Effect

Option 2

  • First Cause
  • First Effect
  • Second Cause
  • Second Effect

Option 3

  • First Cause and Effect
  • Second Cause and Effect
  • Third Cause and Effect

Your Fascinating Cause and Effect Essay Introduction

The introductory paragraph of a cause and effect essay might be considered to be the most important part of your paper. It is because it lays the foundation for your content, attracts the readers’ attention, and gives them reasons to read further. Even if your paper is pretty valuable, in the case when you don’t introduce your topic effectively, you will not succeed.

If you take a look at any good essays, articles, books, etc., you can easily find out that all experienced authors use hooks. It can be statistics, quotations, rhetorical questions, anecdotes, and so on.

Once you hook the audience’s attention, you should provide the basic information about your theme and its importance. Use this paragraph to navigate the readers and share your position with them. The best way to finish the introductory chapter is to provide a thesis statement — the key idea of your essay. All claims that you’ll make in your essay will support this statement.

Write Cause and Effect Essay Body Paragraph (Causes) With Ease 

In most cases, you should choose an issue or your cause effect essay draft and write about several causes. That’s how your professor and readers can understand that you’ve conducted full research and analyzed this problem from several angles. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should write only about equally important causes. It is absolutely normal if you highlight one reason as the most essential and then move on to writing about secondary reasons. Don’t forget to adhere to standard cause and effect essay format, to make your essay more structured. Each of your paragraphs should single out one specific idea.

Typically, the structure of the paragraph looks like this:

  • Claim;
  • Evidence;
  • Support;
  • Conclusion.

Such a flow helps your readers to understand your thoughts, so you can convey your ideas without hurdles.

Make Your Cause and Effect Essay Body Paragraph (Effects) Incredible

When you want to move on to the effects of your issue, it is necessary that this chapter is logically connected with the previously described reasons. If you don’t want your audience to be confused, try to find direct consequences, and don’t look for a black cat in a dark room. We don’t mean that you should write about obvious effects only — it is necessary to dive deeper and find something that is not that clear. However, your essay is not a platform for conspiracy theories.

In fact, the structure of this paragraph will look the same way as the structure of the paragraph with causes. Firstly, you need to write a topic sentence and claim the effects you want to highlight. Your next step is to prove your claims with evidence from reliable sources. Don’t just paraphrase someone else’s thoughts, if you want to make your essay powerful, you need to interpret the issue in your own way.

Dot the T’s in Your Cause and Effect Essay Conclusion

Following the cause and effect essay structure, you need a paragraph to wrap things up. This is your conclusion — a chapter where you restate your thesis statement and answer all the questions that were raised earlier.

The next important thing when writing is to summarize the main points of your essay. Why are they important? What consequences will they have? Is there a need to look at the problem from a different angle and dive deeper to find more insights?

Think about the aftertaste that your essay should leave. Do you want to keep your readers intrigued? Finish the conclusion chapter with a couple of rhetorical questions. Is your goal to provide people with the important, unknown before, information? Show them the significance of your work.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics aka Dose of Inspiration

Some professors assign students with specific examples of cause and effect essay topics. On one hand, it can be helpful because you don’t have to spend time brainstorming. On other hand, many students prefer to come up with their own ideas, to find topics for a cause and effect essay that they really like. When you’re really into it, you can write a good essay because you’re more motivated for research, writing, proofreading, etc. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you’ll find your best match immediately. You need a theme that will be pretty interesting, that will not be too broad or too narrow, that will not be extremely complicated. We have some good ideas that you can use for your inspiration.

Education Topics

  1. How does remote learning affect students’ academic results?
  2. Is there a connection between the duration of school days and educational outcomes?
  3. Can we say that the rate of dropouts depends on standardized tests?
  4. How do students become more or less motivated due to the general grading system?
  5. Why do many students believe that learning is tedious and useless?
  6. Do academic grades depend on extracurricular activities, sports, hobbies
  7. School uniforms: positive and negative influences.
  8. Is it a good idea to take a gap year?
  9. Why are fine arts important for students regardless of their majors?
  10. How does modern technology change the learning process?

Social Media Topics

  1. Why are people that depend on social networks these days?
  2. How do social media abuse relationships in real life?
  3. Have children’s minds changed after the adoption of social media?
  4. Why does social media make people more lonely instead of helping them get connected?
  5. Bullying on social media: the key effects.
  6. What is the difference between online communication and real-life communication?
  7. How do social networks affect democracy?
  8. How can social media help to boost students’ academic results?
  9. What makes Instagram and Tik Tok influencers that popular?
  10. What defines the success of different types of social media content?

Social Occurrences Topics 

  1. How is global society changing under the influence of Black Lives Matter?
  2. Why is police brutality still possible these days?
  3. What effects can we expect of the global lockdown in the long-term perspective?
  4. What are the political and social implications behind tweeting?
  5. Causes of homeopathic treatment persistent popularity.
  6. What are the roots of the general obsession with weight in the USA?
  7. Long-term effects of the irresponsible use of natural resources.
  8. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the rise in unemployment rates.
  9. Why do teenagers become violent?
  10. Does social activism need to be radical?

History Topics 

  1. Where are the roots of the feminist movement? What impact does it have on modern people?
  2. The causes and effects of the Soviet Union collapse.
  3. Illegal immigration — what are the main negative risks?
  4. How did Northern Ireland manage to achieve peace and stability?
  5. The real meaning of the Dark Ages in the history of our society.
  6. The main lessons we can learn from WWII.
  7. What are the causes for the existence of different religions?
  8. Why didn’t the industrial revolution happen earlier?
  9. What is the connection between history, politics, and religion?
  10. What effect has the Cuban missile crisis had on citizens?

Politics Topics 

  1. Why is democracy the most popular government worldwide?
  2. Why do people decide to build their careers in the political field?
  3. How do illegal immigrants affect society in the USA?
  4. Why has the British colonialism strategy been actively developing?
  5. Is it possible to say that colonialism had positive effects?
  6. What has triggered the Great Depression?
  7. Why do people decide to immigrate?
  8. What consequences will we face if we legalize drugs?
  9. Why should people be educated to vote?
  10. What impact has Trump’s foreign policy had?

Want to Know How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay That Will Stand Out?

We expect that you already have certain knowledge and ideas, so it is the best time to try your hand and write a draft of your cause/effect essay. It would be a good idea to start in advance, use your self-organization and analytical thinking skills.

Honestly, the first one is the most important thing to focus on. Most students send “write my assignment cheapmessages because they don’t plan their time properly. But if you don’t procrastinate and wait until the last day before the deadline, you have every chance to succeed.

There are 6 steps that you need to come up with an A-level paper.

1. Brainstorm cause and effect essay topics to find the best one

First of all, you can’t write a winning paper if you have no idea what you will be writing about. You can use our cause and effect essay topics for inspiration but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should choose one of them. It is important that:

  • You like your theme and find it interesting;
  • You want to dive deeper to find more information;
  • You know reputable sources where you can find answers to your questions;
  • Your professor will approve this idea;
  • You know that this topic is not too hackneyed.

Brainstorming is a good creative tool to come up with a winning idea. The point is that you get rid of all the distractors and just focus on your need to develop a topic. Then you write down all the ideas that come to your mind. You don’t need to evaluate them at the moment. When you have about 30-50 topics, analyze them to make a shortlist you’ll choose from.

2. You Need a Strong Cause and Effect Essay Thesis

Once you know the direction for your paper, it’s time to develop a cause and effect essay thesis — a statement of your paper. It is necessary to make a paper more logical and consistent, as well as show your own point of view.

Typically, a thesis is a part of an introductory chapter where you explain why you find your topic important and significant. All things that you’ll write later will support your thesis, add new information to its understanding.

You should know that a strong thesis statement is half the success. It is possible that you’ll spend a lot of time trying to write this single sentence but your efforts will surely pay off.

3. The Best Strategy to Organize Your Cause and Effect Essay Body Paragraphs

Obviously, a fantastic topic and a powerful thesis statement are not enough. Your next step is to organize your thoughts and create an outline. It is a plan of your future essay that includes all titles, chapters, quotes, evidence, etc. that you’re going to use in your document.

With an outline, you’ll never forget to add some important information. You’ll understand which causes and effects suit your theme and which ones make no sense in this context. This plan helps to make a cause-and-effect essay well-structured, logical and consistent.

4. It is Time to Write the First Draft of your Cause/Effect Essay

We use the word “draft” because you shouldn’t expect your content to be perfect immediately. Yes, when you send us a “write my dissertation for memessage, you can expect us to help you as fast as possible. But when you don’t know how to write a cause and effect essay, the task takes more time and requires you to change your approaches repeatedly. That’s why we ask you to start in advance — you need time for writing several drafts and ensure that your essay is perfect.

5. Review Your Cause and Effect Essay Draft

Writing a good cause and effect essay is not always as important as reading and proofreading. Step back and take a pause. You should return to your content with a refreshed mind when you can evaluate it critically, find logical gaps and improve the quality of writing.

Pay attention to typos and grammar mistakes since they make your essay unprofessional and spoil the overall impression even if you’ve covered a lot of ground for writing a good document. However, it is also necessary that you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my position clear?
  • Do I support my point of view with reasonable evidence?
  • What feelings and thoughts will my audience have once it finishes the reading?
  • Have I fulfilled all professor’s requirements?
  • What else should I do to make this content better?

Write down your ideas and evaluate them to understand if they are really valuable.

6. Write a Final Cause and Effect Essay Draft

In writing a cause and effect essay final draft, you don’t need to rewrite the essay and change everything. Once chosen a logical and consistent structure, follow it. Even if the greatest idea has suddenly come to your mind, you need to check it thoroughly and ensure that it suits the general concept. authors know the best tips and tricks to help you finish your draft:

  • Get back to your assignment all the time. If you’re not sure what you should write about, you need to read your professor’s instructions once again. It is also important that you analyze these requirements. For example, if you’re asked to write a 500-word paper, you can understand that you need to pick the most important causes and effects and describe them briefly. And vice versa, if your task is to come up with 1500 words, you should cover the theme from different angles.
  • Never plagiarize. Even if you think that someone else’s thoughts sound much better than yours, it is important to understand that colleges and universities don’t accept plagiarized works. Check your paper to ensure that it is unique because many students plagiarize absolutely unintentionally, e.g. when they forget to cite quotes.
  • Watch your vocabulary. Get rid of repetitive phrases, slang words, and filler words. You can use tools like Hemingway to check if your text is readable.
  • Ask for help when you need it. There is nothing wrong with sending a “write my essay for me cheapif you understand that you can’t create decent content on time. Just try to improve your writing skills and learn from the writing experts when you have this chance.

Do You Need Cause and Effect Essay Examples to Write Your Paper?

On the one hand, an example of a cause and effect essay can be a pretty good idea because it will show you the preferable structure and content. You can see how other students overcome the challenges you face. Apply their strategies to make your writing better.

On the flip side, your professor might have completely different requirements which means that papers written by students from other colleges are useless. Sometimes, it is better to focus on your own assignment and develop your unique strategy to succeed. That’s where our authors can also help you — they always find a personalized approach and make students absolutely happy.

Summary about cause and effect essay writing

We believe that you have all the necessary information for writing perfect cause and effect essays and boost your grades. You shouldn’t be afraid or too worried because of such tasks — this is not where the world ends. Remember that practice makes better, and leverage all the opportunities to improve your writing skills. Whatever career path you choose, you’ll apply this knowledge all the time.

It is also important to choose the right priorities — you don’t have to pull all-nighters or forget about your family and friends. If you’re not into the topic, lack time, or have any other reasons, just outsource your task, and you’ll never regret this choice.

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