How To Write A Synthesis Essay That Will Impress Everyone

How To Write A Synthesis Essay
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May 5, 2022

What do you think when you need to write a synthesis essay? Obviously, it looks like a pretty difficult task, especially if your writing skills are far away from perfect. Don’t give up! Whatever challenges you face, you can always send a “write my essay for me cheapmessage and ask for professional help. Our experts are only a few clicks away, and they are always ready to support you and make your college life easier.

However, even if you decide to outsource your assignments, it is necessary to understand what synthesis essays are, and how to write outstanding A-level papers. Your future profession doesn’t matter — software developers, mathematicians, marketers, nurses, and other specialists, all these people need to have good writing skills.

So, before you get your feet wet, find an answer to a “what is a synthesis paperquestion, understand how it should look, and what your professor wants to receive from you. This knowledge will give you a competitive edge over other students, so use our tips and boost your performance!

What Is a Synthesis Essay?

Whatever your assignment is, the definition of the task is the first thing you should start with. Do you know what the word synthesis means? This verb is used when it goes about the combination of different components of elements that are supposed to make something whole, connected whole. Don’t confuse though what synthesize means and what summarize, review, or compare mean.

Now that you know what a synthesis essay is, it should be easier for you to understand what your professor expects when assigning you a synthesis essay. This paper is usually referred to as a discussion of ideas in written form. You’re supposed to find several reliable sources, gather the necessary information, then synthesize and develop a question, issue, or thesis, i.e. the key claim of your paper.

The Most Common Synthesis Essay Types You Can Deal With

Just like essay itself is a broad term that includes various types, e.g. argumentative essays, persuasive essays, compare and contrast essays, etc., synthesis papers can also be of several types. In fact, all of them have a common goal — to synthesize something. Nevertheless, different types of synthesis essays have different specifics. That’s why you should always study your professor’s requirements and fully understand the task’s purposes. If you’re asked to write an argumentative synthesis essay, you should follow these instructions if you want to get a good grade.

Don’t worry though, our expert writers are well-aware of different types of synthesis essays, and they know how to make your professor absolutely satisfied.

Argumentative Synthesis Essay — What Is It?

When you’re asked to be writing an argumentative synthesis essay, your main goal is to come up with a strong thesis. You can’t create powerful content when you don’t state your position on the topic and just confuse your readers.

In fact, your thesis can aim at several ideas. For example, you can choose a topic to compare and contrast. Or you can write a synthesis essay where you will argue your position. Students of some majors like literature, political sciences, history, etc., often deal with these papers when they need to evaluate some texts. One more reason is the explanation of cause-and-effect relationships.

As you can understand, these ideas don’t affect the content of your synthesis paper, they just determine your approach and the way you use to present the information. It is important that you stick to a selected side, e.g. your counterarguments can’t be stronger than your key arguments. When writing a synthesis essay, we also recommend that you write down all the ideas and process them in advance.

In other words, the argumentative synthesize is when you insist, confirm, concede, affirm, or, vice versa, disagree and reject.

Explanatory or a Background Synthesis Essay — What You Need to Know About?

You should know that professors assign you synthesis essays for a reason. For example, when it comes to an explanatory or a background synthesis essay, the chances are your teacher wants you to become an expert in a particular discipline or area.

When writing an explanatory synthesis paper, you’re supposed to study the topic from various angles — find different sources, obtain information, synthesize it, explore and organize. The main point of an explanatory or a background synthesis essay is that you conduct a thorough analysis and hence become a real expert.

Simply put, your task is to find information, verify it, make suggestions, and claim ideas.

Literature Review Synthesis Essay

It is a common writing assignment for students with majors in medicine, social sciences, and similar disciplines. Usually, it is a part of a larger synthesized project when you have to comb through the literature on a specific topic and outline the most relevant themes. After such an analysis, you should be able to determine well-researched issues as well as ones that require detailed research. You should also reveal different aspects of a studied problem to justify concrete research.

In most cases, when writing a literature review synthesis essay, your goal is to advise, offer, speculate and mention. Feel free to ask your professor if you have some questions about the required format. You can’t start writing a paperwork if you don’t know what result you’re supposed to produce.

Synthesis Essay Topics

To be honest, a lot of students ask for help because they experience difficulties with synthesis essay topic ideas. There are several reasons.

Sometimes, professors assign you specific technology synthesis essay topics. Some students like this because it makes things easier and they don’t need to brainstorm ideas. However, many young people feel limited, especially when they would like to write about social media synthesis topics. At the same time, we know how frustrating it is when you sit for hours trying to come up with something really worthy. Whatever your task is, we are ready to provide you with some interesting synthesis essay topic examples that can inspire you. Check our list, and you’ll easily come up with a winning writing idea.

Social Media Synthesis Essay Topics 

  1. What do you think, do social network services make people more connected or more lonely?
  2. Is it correct to say that social media threatens our privacy?
  3. How do young children develop in the world of social networks?
  4. Is there a connection between social media and academic performance?
  5. Can you say that social networks make you and your friends happier?
  6. How do our behavioral patterns change in the era of social media?
  7. What are alternative options to get a sense of belonging?
  8. How do marketers use social media to shape our shopping behavior?
  9. Social media influencers: why are they successful
  10. Should children be forbidden to have social media accounts?

Education Synthesis Essay Topics 

  1. Should higher education be free for all people?
  2. Does technology help students improve their academic performance?
  3. Should teachers look for a more personalized approach to all students?
  4. Is it better to use standardized tests or creative assignments?
  5. Is higher education really that important in our world?
  6. What should parents prefer: homeschooling or school education?
  7. What factors have a key influence on students’ performance?
  8. Should teachers use more technology when planning their lessons?
  9. What are the main reasons for strict dress codes in colleges?
  10. How have educational standards changed during the last 10 years?

Technology Synthesis Essay Topics 

  1. Is it possible to say that video games make people violent in real life?
  2. How does technology affect our cultural habits?
  3. Traditional delivery vs drone delivery: pros and cons.
  4. Is it possible to say that the gap between social classes was eliminated because of technology?
  5. Artificial intelligence: what benefits and threats may it have?
  6. Can we say that professional video gamers are sportsmen?
  7. How does technology help entrepreneurs?
  8. What is the best strategy to ensure cybersecurity once and forever?
  9. Should we be afraid that robots will rob us of our jobs?
  10. What are the pros and cons of smart homes?

Society Synthesis Essay Topics 

  1. What are the main reasons to increase the voting age?
  2. Is it true that crime and violence cases can be eliminated with stricter gun policies?
  3. Why death penalty is not the most effective crime prevention tool?
  4. Is it possible to say that feminism is no more needed in our society?
  5. What should parents do to protect teens from violent web content?
  6. Should employers provide their workers with free psychological support?
  7. Is it really important to hire only people with higher education?
  8. Are religious communities still impactful?
  9. What are the best ways for immigrants to integrate into a new society quickly?
  10. Are modern people more careless than they were 20 years ago?

How To Write A Synthesis Essay and Get an A-Grade?

Now that you have explored our education synthesis assignment topics and other interesting ideas, you know your direction and can write a really fascinating synthesis essay.

The first thing before writing is to always start with your requirements. Even if you think that you already know them, it is really important to re-read instructions again and ensure that you understand them.

Basically, all types of synthesis essays include introduction, body, and conclusion. You need to have a good plan for all these chapters so that you know what you should write about. This synthesis essay outline will help you to stick to your goals while writing.

How to Start a Synthesis Essay to Hook Your Audience?

Some students believe that start writing a synthesis paper is as difficult as coming up with society synthesis assignment topics. We can understand your fears: when you look at the blank sheet of paper, you really don’t know what your first words should be. The introduction is a very important chapter since you need to attract your readers’ attention, and show them that your synthesis assignment is worth reading.

To begin your paper, gather and go through all the essential resources: articles, books, movies, podcasts, etc. Don’t forget to take down brief notes to cite the most helpful sections. At this step, you literally synthesize the information, and make judgments about summaries.

Your introduction chapter will tell the readers of the general ideas of your synthesis essay. If you want your paper to be attractive, ensure that you start writing it with a hook. You can use a quote (but don’t include very famous quotes that sound too trite), a funny and meaningful anecdote, or a statistic that contains insight. Many students send “write my essay” messages because they experience difficulties with the introduction. Professional authors with years of academic writing experience can nail this section with ease!

How to Write a Synthesis Essay Thesis 

We have already mentioned that in writing the synthesis essay, it is necessary to include a strong thesis. Whatever format and topic you use, you need a statement to introduce the claim of your paper. For example, if your synthesis assignment is about increasing the voting age, and you want to show that it is really important, your thesis will portray your point of view. When you synthesize the information, you understand what is your personal opinion, and what you want to write about, so use these thoughts to create a powerful thesis.

How to Write a Synthesis Paper Body — The Ultimate Secret

If your goal is to impress your professor with an excellently written synthesis essay, you need to focus on the body of your paper. It is a chapter where you can present your ideas, argue your point of view, and share your thoughts. Typically, bodies consist of 3-5 paragraphs, and all of them are used to introduce their own themes.

Pay attention to the logical flow of your body. When you write about different concepts in one paragraph and put too much information in it, you can confuse your readers. One paragraph — one idea.

The next thing you should know is that your body chapter should support your thesis. Of course, you can add some contradiction points to make the paper more interesting, to show that you are well-aware of different points of view, etc. However, these points shouldn’t be strong.

We believe that it is a good idea to read some synthesis essay examples and evaluate how other students write their body chapters. However, remember that you shouldn’t copy them, try to come up with your creative and unique ideas and look just for inspiration.

Writing a Synthesis Essay Conclusion

Finally, your last chapter is supposed to summarize all your thoughts. It should highlight the key ideas covered in your work, and clarify any major facts readers should remember. In this paragraph, you have a platform to show your point of view, and direct the audience on further research or even some actions.

When you follow the synthesis essay structure and work all your chapters through, you can write the perfect paper that will answer all the readers’ questions and leave no doubts. Nevertheless, you still have an option to send a “write my paper for me cheap“ message and ask for help from real writing experts.

Writing a Synthesis Essay, Don’t Forget About Academic Requirements

Of course, when writing a synthesis essay, you focus on key ideas and do your best to ensure clarity, correctness, and engagement of your content. However, it is also important to remember some academic requirements. For example, all your essays must be unique. It means that you can’t just copy the paragraph from someone else’s paperwork if you think that it suits your paper. All quotes should be cited appropriately, and it is also necessary that you develop unique concepts and bring something new to the table.

One more thing to consider is the synthesis essay format. Depending on your major and professor’s requirements, you should use APA, MLA, Chicago, or other styles. They are used to standardize all the students’ works. Honestly, the formatting process is pretty tedious and boring, and it is absolutely normal if you ask someone experienced to help you with it. Unfortunately, if you just skip your instructions, the chances are you’ll get a bad grade.

Synthesis Essay Structure Types You Can Use to Write a Winning Paper 

There are several ways to present your ideas when writing a synthesis essay. Check this list of 6 common structures, and choose the one that you like the most. You can also experiment with different types to create various paperworks and improve your skills.

  1. Climactic order — begin your synthesis essay with the least persuasive or important arguments and move to the key ones. The point is that your readers will focus on the last and the best idea.
  2. Chronological order — you can use this structure if you deal with other, besides argumentative, types of papers. For example, when you want to explain the cause and effect of some event, just organize the ideas so that they are in the order they were presented.
  3. Logical order — if you understand that your thoughts build upon each other, the best strategy you can use is to start writing with the less complicated ones and process to the more complicated ones. This strategy will help you to ensure that your readers know all they need to get you correctly.
  4. Anticlimactic order — what if you want to try something new? It is the same structure as the first one but you should order your ideas in descending order, starting with the most essential arguments and then moving to the weaker ones.
  5. Problem and solution order — it is easy to understand that you’re supposed to start writing your paper with an issue. The rest of the essay is spent providing solutions.
  6. Comparison and contrast order. Sometimes, you write synthesis essays where you need to compare specific ideas, write about similarities and differences that you can find. There are two options to choose from. Firstly, you can provide a summary of all sources and then focus on their comparison. Or you can consistently shed light on your ideas.

Whatever order you choose, it is necessary to adhere to it because your document has to be well-structured and logical. Read some successful synthesis essay samples of body paragraphs to find out how other students manage this requirement.

Synthesis Essay Writing Tips That You Can’t-Miss

When you send us a “write my case study” message, you expect our authors to be educated and professional. But do you really know why they create incredible content? It is because they have written dozens of different essays. They worked with the requirements of dozens of colleges, and they know a lot of tips to master their writing skills. We want to share some perfect tricks with you. Of course, if you face real difficulties, it is better to request help with a “write my dissertation for me” message. But if you want to come up with your own paperworks and polish your mastership, you can use our recommendations to take your skills to the next level.

  • Work with good sources only. You can’t create a perfect paper without valuable information. Always check the data to ensure it is valid and take time to do thorough research.
  • Don’t think that you can write amazing content without an outline. You have a lot of ideas in your head but all of them should be structured. With a detailed plan, you can organize your thoughts and choose the right direction.
  • Try to hook readers from the first line. Tap into your audience’s emotions and make them want to read more.
  • Avoid purple prose. Your vocabulary should be precise — instead of fancy words, use straightforward ones. Eliminate excessive detail, repetitive words, and redundant or unnecessary phrases. Multiple negatives should be replaced with affirmatives.
  • Rely on technology. There are many helpful tools like Grammarly or Hemingway that can check your text and evaluate it. Apart from mistakes and typos, they assist you in choosing the tone of voice, improving readability, etc.
  • Start in advance. This tip may sound too obvious but a lot of students do not pay enough attention to deadlines. The earlier you start, the more time you have to experiment with different structures, change your concepts, proofread the final draft, and so on.

When Should You Use The Synthesis Essay Example

On the one hand, there are many online resources with different samples. The point is that you need a wise approach — you can’t copy this content or follow it without consideration. Remember that different colleges have different requirements, and even if you like someone else’s style, it doesn’t mean that your professor has the same expectations. That’s why we ask you to send your “write my assignment cheap” request with detailed instructions — we need this information to find a personalized approach and create quality content for you.

The samples that you can find below, shouldn’t be used in your college assignment. We provide them to show you the basic principle and prove that it is not that complicated to come up with an outstanding essay. We’ve chosen the topic from our list above: “Should higher education be free for all people?”

Synthesis Essay Introduction Example

Take a look at this sample synthesis essay introduction: “You surely have mentioned that the cost of attendance at different educational institutions has been rising throughout the last few years. How could it be explained? Yes, many decades ago, only a limited number of people had access to colleges and universities, and higher education wasn’t perceived as a necessity, it was a privilege. However, the world has changed a lot. Nowadays it sounds ridiculous that young people from poor families can’t enroll in popular colleges even if they are talented.”

It is brief but informative. It shows the problem, and it appeals to readers’ thoughts and emotions.

Synthesis Essay Thesis Example

“According to statistics, over 55% of young people in the US alone are not able to go to college. Moreover, fees continue to rise, as it is rising by around 30% every year. I believe that higher education should be free for all people if we want to build an equal society and grow educated professionals.”

In this thesis, you support your words with statistics and make things about your personal position clear.

Synthesis Essay Body Paragraphs Example

In body paragraphs, you have to provide your key arguments and support them with evidence. For example, here are some examples of a synthesis essay:

  • “If we have accessible education, our citizens will be better versed in important disciplines, e.g. history. They will have the critical thinking, problem-solving skills, stronger systems thinking.”
  • “The next argument that shows the importance of accessible higher education is that we have to eliminate the difference between social classes, make our society equal.”
  • “We also need to consider that free colleges can make young people more motivated and productive. When they know that their social status or wealth doesn’t matter, they dream big and achieve a lot.”

Example of Synthesis Essay Conclusion

This example of synthesis essay conclusion can show you how to summarize your thoughts:

“We can’t deny the fact that a lot of students end up living a life they didn’t choose — they can’t pursue a degree and apply for high-skilled jobs. Without higher education, they have to look for ways to make ends meet. That’s why a big gap between different social classes still exists, and that’s why we have a big rate of poverty all over the world. To change the status-quo, we need to find a way to make higher education free”.

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