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Hi student, I’m Adam Mace, 38 years old and full of energy to complete your academic assignments. After finishing school, I entered the University of Edinburgh. Studying at the university gave me everything I dreamed of: good knowledge of chemistry and biology, writing skills, the ability to research and prove my point of view.

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My academic motto is: “I cannot teach students to be happy, but I can make them that way.” I know everything about biology and chemistry, and I have over seven years of experience in scientific writing. If you have trouble writing lab reports, essays, or research, I can help you improve your academic performance and understanding of these subjects.

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Having completed my studies at the university, I was engaged in scientific activities. At the research institute, I discovered new phenomena in biology and made a significant contribution to the development of chemistry. However, the statistics of students who have not completed their studies upset me. Therefore, I decided to provide written assistance to students suffering from sleepless nights and depression due to a lack of understanding of the subject.

I have been looking for a reliable company for a long time, where I can do academic writing and not worry about student safety. The only company that did not give me any confusion is The company monitors deadlines, the work of teachers, checks articles for plagiarism, conducts motivational webinars, and provides opportunities for personal growth. For seven years of work at, I have not regretted my choice.

Why should you choose me as an essay author? I have vast experience writing academic essays, dissertations, research, both as a student and professional. I am a Master of Science in Biological and Chemical Sciences. I know how to format articles correctly, not make spelling and grammatical mistakes, have a huge vocabulary, and adhere to deadlines for submitting documents. Trust me with your papers, and you will feel how easy it is to learn!